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My favorite pieball

Short story by  Tanish Aggarwal, 9yrs, Class 4. Story prompt – Pumpkin pie on a frigid evening

delicious food harvest ingredients

On a frigid evening, in the town where my parents grew up, my siblings and I were alone in the big family home. Our parents were out visiting family and friends. We were alone in the big house and we were hungry.

I wanted to eat a pumpkin pie and on searching the kitchen drawers, I found an old recipe book of my grandmother. We started finding the ingredients of the pumpkin pie in my grandmothers kitchen.

We gathered all the things and started cooking the pumpkin pie and the last and the final step was baking it. We switched on the oven and kept the baking tray inside the oven and waited and waited and waited for it to cook……

Zzzzz Zzzzzzz…..Soon both of my siblings were fast asleep on the kitchen counter….I soon followed suit.Ding! Went off the oven’s timer… we rushed and opened the oven… and our pumpkin pie was ready.

We tried to cut it into pieces… the knife didn’t go through.. We were so upset that we picked it and threw it.The pumpkin pie didn’t break!

We picked it up and rushed outside in the garden and played throw and catch with the pumpkin pie ball on that frigid evening!


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