Shree Ram Katha – A short skit

“Shree Ram Katha” is a short musical skit conceptualized and performed by the members of The Wonderleaf Reading Club on the occasion of Navratri and Dussehra.

We showcased it on 14th October and the video is now available online.

You can watch it at On YouTube


This skit was inspired by the book “Ramayana in Rhyme”, a lyrical, contemporary interpretation of the age old epic, Ramayana by two 18-year old students Kairavi Bharat Ram and Ananya Mittal.

The dialogues in the skit are in Hindi and the narration is in English.

No external vendor was hired to plan the event and decorate the stage.The entire backdrop and the stage decoration was done from saris, dupattas and flowers. All costumes (except Ravan) were prepared at home by mothers from sari, old clothing, and mostly kids wore their party wear clothes.

All moms pitched in and helped with creatives like Lanka dahan, the forest look, the hut for vanvas, Ashok Vatika and the stones for creating “The Ram Setu”

Immense gratitude and appreciation for Dr Amita Govil and Dr A K Govil for helping us at each step and letting us use their home for hosting this event

This amazing video has been captured and edited by Ankit Shukla. He so graciously agreed to help us out and traveled all the way from Manesar on a Sunday afternoon. Special thanks to Shruti Pradhan for connecting us with Ankit and assisting him as well.

Our last moment photographer, Priyanka deserves a special mention as she came on a very short notice and took really beautiful photos.

It was overall a great learning experience for us. It was even a bigger achievement as we did everything in-house.I will soon pen down the anecdotes.

Hoping to venture into more adventurous stints soon.

Jai Shree Ram!



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