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Scare the crows

Short Story by Ishaan Garg (9 yrs, Grade 4)Story prompt - Scarecrow It happened on Christmas Eve. I was very tired after all the excitement of the day. I had eaten loads of apple pie, as it was my favorite. I sat on the lounge chair and decided to rest. Suddenly, I heard my father… Continue reading Scare the crows

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Camping in the forest

Short story by Vaishnavi (10 yrs, Grade 5), Naisha and Aarna(7yrs, Grade 3) Story Prompt - Fun and Turkey It was a cold lonely night in a beautiful forest. The harvest moon was shining bright and illuminating the entire forest. Few school kids were camping in the forest. They were still not asleep, and saw… Continue reading Camping in the forest

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My favorite pieball

Short story by  Tanish Aggarwal, 9yrs, Class 4. Story prompt - Pumpkin pie on a frigid evening On a frigid evening, in the town where my parents grew up, my siblings and I were alone in the big family home. Our parents were out visiting family and friends. We were alone in the big house… Continue reading My favorite pieball

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The Flickering Bulb

- Naisha, Aarna, Sanidhya Grade 3 A young boy was trying to sleeping on his bed. He noticed that the yellow bulb in his room is flickering. He got very scared, the light was creating many patterns on the wall of his room. He was a brave boy and he decided to not be scared.… Continue reading The Flickering Bulb

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“Summary with Drawings” Book – Tim, the cowboy

When we meet and read on Saturday, after reading the story books, we spend some time discussing our impressions about the story. When we told them an old story of "Tim the cowboy" instead of discussing, we asked them to draw their impression or the part of story or the scene they loved. This activity… Continue reading “Summary with Drawings” Book – Tim, the cowboy