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Wilderness and I

A short and engrossing story by Aarush Aggarwal, Grade 7. It was a such a amazing moment for me when my father announced that we will be going to a tour in the Mangar Bani Forest. I invited my best friend Aman as well. We set out next Sunday and throughout the journey, my friend… Continue reading Wilderness and I

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Shree Ram Katha

“Shree Ram Katha” is a short musical skit conceptualized and performed by the members of The Wonderleaf Reading Club on the occasion of Navratri and Dussehra. We showcased it on 14th October and the video is now available online. You can watch it at On YouTube This skit was inspired by the book "Ramayana in… Continue reading Shree Ram Katha

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Fun by chance

Written by Aarush Aggarwal, 11 years, Grade 7, Story Inputs by Kiyansh ( 4 years) It was 7:00 am, and the last day at my parents' hometown Lucknow. It had already been two weeks and I hadn't had any fun at all. All I did was just boring usual activities. Today, I was determined to… Continue reading Fun by chance

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Wandering in the forest

Short story by Anika Garg, Grade 6. Story prompt - Family and Forest It began on a cold November morning when my parents along with me and my sister were looking for a new place to settle. We were wandering around and soon one road led to another and we all ended up in a… Continue reading Wandering in the forest

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“Summary with Drawings” Book – Tim, the cowboy

When we meet and read on Saturday, after reading the story books, we spend some time discussing our impressions about the story. When we told them an old story of "Tim the cowboy" instead of discussing, we asked them to draw their impression or the part of story or the scene they loved. This activity… Continue reading “Summary with Drawings” Book – Tim, the cowboy

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Expressions by Wonder Readers

On a winter afternoon, almost a month back, we asked our young readers to express their thoughts about The Wonderleaf. The broad guideline was to write what they loved about the reading club and what motivated them to come again each week. We blank white paper leaves to our young 'Wonder Readers'. We got such… Continue reading Expressions by Wonder Readers