Our Story

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

― Charles William Eliot

On a hot summer afternoon, a mother and daughter were discussing nowadays when kids are, they rarely pickup books to read.

The mother said, “You started reading because I loved to read and you always saw a novel or a book with me. Parents these days rarely read themselves and how will the kids learn”.

This statement started a debate and which ultimately was the starting point for the idea of doing something to inculcate the habit of book reading for fun and pleasure.

They started to formalize the idea. A library or a book club seemed so mundane.

Why not start a book club with a twist and call it a ‘Reading Club’ ? Instead of targeting a specific age group, why not open it for all age groups including adults and senior citizen as well.

It soon had a name “The Wonder Leaf” scheduled weekly ,Saturday late afternoon for an hour and half.

The private collection of books (~ 500) was added to ‘The Wonder Leaf’

Another close friend became a part of this initiative and added her books as well.

The first reading session took place on May 13th 2017.

And the journey began…….

We have had close to 100 kids and parents part of our reading club, about 20 of those are our regular reader and we like to fondly call them ” Wonder Reader”

There is a peaceful and serene environment, members  can pick any book and read for an hour. We help the kids choose a book when are unsure.