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four toddler forms circle photoLinking and Creating Short Stories

No thought or imagination is silly.

A few weeks back, as part of our post reading session activities, we introduced the Story Building Activity.Story 2 – The Flickering Bulb

We want them to learn how to listen attentively when the others are speaking, how to build constructive meaning full sentences and most important being having the confidence to speak their mind.Story 1 – A story night and a boat 

Kids were divided into groups of four and each one had to add one of two sentences to the story.The first person was to create a scene and add a character. Second and third had to create a scene and the fourth one had to give the ending in a single sentence. At the end we gave titles to these short stories.Story 3 – Wandering in the forest – By Anika Garg

We will be posting the stories created by our Wonder Readers.

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