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Scare the crows

Short Story by Ishaan Garg (9 yrs, Grade 4)Story prompt - Scarecrow It happened on Christmas Eve. I was very tired after all the excitement of the day. I had eaten loads of apple pie, as it was my favorite. I sat on the lounge chair and decided to rest. Suddenly, I heard my father… Continue reading Scare the crows

Kids creation, Reading Club, Story building, The Wonderleaf

Camping in the forest

Short story by Vaishnavi (10 yrs, Grade 5), Naisha and Aarna(7yrs, Grade 3) Story Prompt - Fun and Turkey It was a cold lonely night in a beautiful forest. The harvest moon was shining bright and illuminating the entire forest. Few school kids were camping in the forest. They were still not asleep, and saw… Continue reading Camping in the forest