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Shree Ram Katha

“Shree Ram Katha” is a short musical skit conceptualized and performed by the members of The Wonderleaf Reading Club on the occasion of Navratri and Dussehra. We showcased it on 14th October and the video is now available online. You can watch it at On YouTube This skit was inspired by the book "Ramayana in… Continue reading Shree Ram Katha

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Fun by chance

Written by Aarush Aggarwal, 11 years, Grade 7, Story Inputs by Kiyansh ( 4 years) It was 7:00 am, and the last day at my parents' hometown Lucknow. It had already been two weeks and I hadn't had any fun at all. All I did was just boring usual activities. Today, I was determined to… Continue reading Fun by chance

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My favorite pieball

Short story by  Tanish Aggarwal, 9yrs, Class 4. Story prompt - Pumpkin pie on a frigid evening On a frigid evening, in the town where my parents grew up, my siblings and I were alone in the big family home. Our parents were out visiting family and friends. We were alone in the big house… Continue reading My favorite pieball

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The Flickering Bulb

- Naisha, Aarna, Sanidhya Grade 3 A young boy was trying to sleeping on his bed. He noticed that the yellow bulb in his room is flickering. He got very scared, the light was creating many patterns on the wall of his room. He was a brave boy and he decided to not be scared.… Continue reading The Flickering Bulb

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The stormy night and a boat

- Amiti Grade 6, Vaishnavi & Vidushi Grade 5 On a stormy, dark, windy night a man was sitting in his balcony. His home was on the beach and he could see the ocean from his balcony. The ocean was calling him. He went out in the balcony. He could see a boat in the… Continue reading The stormy night and a boat