Sun and Earth – Their Formation

Raghav is 12 years old and student of class VII. He has pen down a short realistic fiction on how the solar system was formed. This is a sort of prequel to the story “How Earth Got Fire” written by Naisha.

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About 13.8 billion years ago, when Universe was still young, it was was an extremely dense and extremely hot made of tiny particles. Then the ‘Big Bang’ happened and everything in the Universe expanded. The main things released were dust clouds, Helium and Hydrogen gas.

Due to the gravitational force, the tiny particles of the Universe, the gases and the clouds come together to form bigger bodies also known as stars.

Among those stars, one was was our own Sun, the biggest star. Sun kept expanding and expanding. As it grew large and large,Sun eventually collapsed. Sun broke into many smaller sized bodies. The biggest entity continued to call itself  ‘Sun’ and eight smaller ones moved away and called themselves ‘planets’.

All  the planets were hot and red as they were spin-off of the Sun. Gradually as these planets moved away from Sun, they started to cool down. Over the years, they developed different colors, personalities and continued to move around Sun. They named themselves as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus.

The Sun and all the planets together were called “The Solar System”.

Earth was at the optimum distance from the Sun and it received just the right amount of heat and light from the Sun.It had lot of water as well and it was the ‘Blue Planet’. Earth was very good friend of Sun.

Mars found its place further down from the Sun and it named itself ‘Red Planet’.

Mercury and Venus still were roaming around.

Click to know how Mercury and Venus found there place between the Sun and the Earth.


Earth And Fire

Naisha is 7 years and studies in Grade 3. She has written a short story on how Earth got the red element Fire.Read her interesting and different take on this subject.

Raghav has written prequel to her story Sun and Earth – Their Formation

Once there lived Earth and Sun in the dark blue Milky Way. They were best friends. They traveled together, visited other places in the Milky Way. Sun was red and hot and Earth was calm and green.

Venus and Mercury also lived in Milky Way and wanted to the friends with Earth and Sun as well.They tried really hard to become friends with them, but were not successful. Venus and Mercury became very upset and angry and decided to force their wish. They come in between the Sun and the Earth and separated them from each other.

Earth was very sad and seeing this Sun took out a piece of his hair and gave it to Earth. This piece was a red and hot as the Sun. Earth was happy getting this piece and she accepted this gift and kept it with her always. Earth named it “FIRE”.

Fire lived on Earth thereafter.

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Wilderness And I

A short and engrossing story by Aarush Aggarwal, 12 years old, studying in Grade 7.

It was a such a amazing moment for me when my father announced that we will be going to a tour in the Mangar Bani Forest. I invited my best friend Aman as well. We set out next Sunday and throughout the journey, my friend nervously asked questions like, “Are you scared of wild animals?” I would reply in a slightly overconfident tone ”Ha! That is out of the question. I am not scared of anything”. Then I thought, if I had lied.

We reached the forest at noon, and the sun shone on us as though we were on Mercury. We started to walk on the trail, and we saw peacocks, birds, parakeets, rabbits and more. Right after we saw the deer, a tiger leaped in front of me swiftly! It had many black stripes on his yellow skin, and really sharp claws, this made him mesmerizingly handsome (I noticed this later on, but at that moment, the only thought that came to my mind was, “aaaaah!!! Run for your life Aarush!”)

As I ran fast, I reluctantly turned back after a while, to check if the tiger was still there. And then I realized, I was standing in front of a ‘CLICK A PHOTO WITH A TIGER’ photo booth, and a man in a tiger costume had walked up to us to take our names for the photo! Now everybody there was laughing at me, and that was pretty embarrassing, but I too could not control it either. I ran back to the place and enjoyed the rest of the trip.

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Shree Ram Katha – A short skit

“Shree Ram Katha” is a short musical skit conceptualized and performed by the members of The Wonderleaf Reading Club on the occasion of Navratri and Dussehra.

We showcased it on 14th October and the video is now available online.

You can watch it at On YouTube


This skit was inspired by the book “Ramayana in Rhyme”, a lyrical, contemporary interpretation of the age old epic, Ramayana by two 18-year old students Kairavi Bharat Ram and Ananya Mittal.

The dialogues in the skit are in Hindi and the narration is in English.

No external vendor was hired to plan the event and decorate the stage.The entire backdrop and the stage decoration was done from saris, dupattas and flowers. All costumes (except Ravan) were prepared at home by mothers from sari, old clothing, and mostly kids wore their party wear clothes.

All moms pitched in and helped with creatives like Lanka dahan, the forest look, the hut for vanvas, Ashok Vatika and the stones for creating “The Ram Setu”

Immense gratitude and appreciation for Dr Amita Govil and Dr A K Govil for helping us at each step and letting us use their home for hosting this event

This amazing video has been captured and edited by Ankit Shukla. He so graciously agreed to help us out and traveled all the way from Manesar on a Sunday afternoon. Special thanks to Shruti Pradhan for connecting us with Ankit and assisting him as well.

Our last moment photographer, Priyanka deserves a special mention as she came on a very short notice and took really beautiful photos.

It was overall a great learning experience for us. It was even a bigger achievement as we did everything in-house.I will soon pen down the anecdotes.

Hoping to venture into more adventurous stints soon.

Jai Shree Ram!

My favorite pieball

Short story by  Tanish Aggarwal, 9 years old, student of class 4. Story prompt – Pumpkin pie on a frigid evening

delicious food harvest ingredients

On a frigid evening, in the town where my parents grew up, my siblings and I were alone in our big family home. Our parents were out, visiting family and friends.

We were alone in the big house and we were hungry. I wanted to eat a pumpkin pie and on searching the kitchen drawers, I found an old recipe book of my grandmother. We started gathering the ingredients of the pumpkin pie in my grandmothers kitchen.

Soon, we started cooking the pumpkin pie. The last and the final step was baking it. We switched on the oven and kept the baking tray with the pimple pie inside it. And then waited and waited and waited for it to cook.

Zzzzz Zzzzzzz, I heard a sound and saw that both of my siblings were fast asleep on the kitchen counter. I soon followed the suit.

Ding! Went off the oven’s timer. We all woke up with a start and rushed to open the oven. We were glad to see our pumpkin pie was ready.

We tried to cut it into pieces, but the knife didn’t cut through.We were very upset, we picked it and threw it at the wall. The pumpkin pie didn’t break!

We picked up the pumpkin pie and rushed outside in the garden and started playing throw and catch with the pumpkin pie ball on that frigid evening!

Wandering in the forest

Short story by Anika Garg, Grade 6. Story prompt – Family and Forest

It began on a cold November morning when my parents along with me and my sister were looking for a new place to settle. We were wandering around and soon one road led to another and we all ended up in a forest.

The forest was very dense and we walked and walked but the forest never seemed to end. An then we came upon a big cave.  Since it was already night, we all decided to stop and rest in that big cave.

In the morning, we saw that the cave we were staying in was very big, had lots of space and fresh air and the ground was also clean. There were fruit trees and a river nearby and many chopped wood was lying around to be used in cold winter.

This was the perfect home for us. We settled down there and lived happily in the comforts of nature.

people riding motor boat

The Flickering Bulb

– Naisha, Aarna, Sanidhya Grade 3turned on pendant lamp

A young boy was trying to sleeping on his bed. He noticed that the yellow bulb in his room is flickering. He got very scared, the light was creating many patterns on the wall of his room.

He was a brave boy and he decided to not be scared. And then heard a loud crash. The window of his room was shattered and there was Spider Man standing outside his window with a new bulb in his hand.

The boy started humming….. SpiderMan Spiderman and was soon fast sleep. When he woke up in the morning, there was a red and blue bulb instead of the yellow light bulb in his room!

The stormy night and a boat

– Amiti Grade 6, Vaishnavi & Vidushi Grade 5

On a stormy, dark, windy night a man was sitting in his balcony. His home was on the beach and he could see the ocean from his balcony. The ocean was calling him. He went out in the balcony. He could see a boat in the ocean and it appeared that there was a man on the boat and was waving.

He decided to help the man, and he soon ran down the stairs of his home and rushed towards the ocean.Suddenly there was a gush of wind and the man got blown away from the beach.

And all was calm after that…..

white and black moon with black skies and body of water photography during night time

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“Summary with Drawings” Book – Tim, the cowboy

When we meet and read on Saturday, after reading the story books, we spend some time discussing our impressions about the story.

When we told them an old story of “Tim the cowboy” instead of discussing, we asked them to draw their impression or the part of story or the scene they loved. This activity is called ” Story Summarisation with Drawings”

Our WonderReaders came up with pretty amazing and elaborate drawings which when put together are telling the entire story

Its often observed that when we draw after reading or hearing a story, we are able to remember and recollect that story easily even after a long time.

Watch this space for more interesting activities.


Raghav, fly high and touch the sky

As we grow older, we feel saying bye will be easier. People around us move all the time because of various reasons like  studies,  marriage, better job which leads to have a false confidence that we are okay with it.

But, when today we had to say bye to one of our most avid, regular, passionate and punctual WonderReader, Raghav, it was     neither simple nor effortless.

Raghav joined WonderLeaf almost 7 months back. Every week sharp at 3:00 pm the main gate would open with a thud and the door bell would ring and in came ‘Raghav’.

He always the first one to come thr reading session. Kudos to his mom and dad for instilling the importance of punctuality form such an early age.

Raghav has read close to 30 books from the WonderLeaf collection.We will surely miss his enthusiasm and charm.

Saying good bye would be too Raghav until we meet again!

Wish you all the very best, God bless you.